Use the right fertilizer

With my Glidecam HD 2000 and a wide-aperture lens I’m providing a sharp and clear picture even at bad light. Perfect for eventvideography.
By using an external Stereo Microphone, I can additionally capture a nice realistic sound, very useful for live music and concerts.
I’m specialiced in cutting and editing the videos I create based on the moods you’d like to create using color grading, filters and other styles.


You need a video for an event, a show or concert? I'm happy to come to that place, even in a different city than Berlin. Tell me, which kind of mood the video should be in before, so I can decide how to film it. I can use monopods / Steadycam and usual tripods. Monopods are great for filming, as you can do little movements with them too while having a super steady shot. Steady cams like the Glidecam HD 2000 I use are the best option to have action shots in a great smooth quality while moving quickly arround. I'm even happy to record sport actionshots!


After filming I'll cut the pieces to your wishes. For example I can create a short trailer with short cuts or a documentary with interviews and long scenes. I'll add text to your wishes and use your Banners or whatever you would like to show in your Video like Sponsoring or special effects like floating or exploding text. I'll make a first cut and upload it as a private video sharing the link with only you. If you have any corrections, I'll happy to implement them and then finalize the video to your wishes.

Color Grading

Color Grading is a very important part of cutting a film. You can make it look like a blockbuster if you use the right filters and know how to work with saturation, contrast etc. This is what makes hollywood movies actually ready for the cinema. I can make your video look like it's super old using a vignitte, some overlays and a low saturation but I can also make it look very futuristic using a different type of tone.

Sound Mastering

I'm always using external microphones from Rode, Zoom etc. to record the Sound. If there is a mixing Pult, I'm happy to plugin a Zoom recorder for additional clean Sound to mix it with the ambient Sound... In the cutting process I'll also do some basic Mastering like compression, equalizing, exciting, denoising, limiting and more. I can also add some additional Reverb or Distortion for example, if you want me to...


A proudly cherished specialty

You need some nice pictures for your portfolio, an event photographer for your festival or some action photographer for your stunts? It’s all possible. Together we create the atmosphere you want to create. Your a musician and need the picture to tell which style of music you’re doing? It’s all about light, scenery and the work on the picture afterwards.


Need some green fingers?

You need a job done? Just aks me. All you need is a good idea and I’ll help you turn it into reality. You have the seeds, I have the water.

Send Us a Mesage

To get some individual price offers please explain in detail the project you'll need me for. You can leave your phone number so I can call you back. Please leave your preferred time in which you want to be called. I only offer calls within germany. If you live in Berlin or close-by, meeting each other would be the best option.


Contact Info

z.H. René Barth
Sonnenallee 72
12045 Berlin

Ust-IdNr.: DE295395241

Phone: +49 (1590) 40 999 96
Fax: +49 (32) 223944356